Amazon expands Sponsored TV ads to UK, mirroring U.S. success

Amazon is rolling out its Sponsored TV ads in the UK, currently in beta, following a successful launch in the U.S. market.

Why we care. This move opens new advertising opportunities for brands on popular streaming platforms like Freevee and Twitch, leveraging Amazon’s extensive data for targeted ad delivery.

The details.

  • Available to sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, agencies and U.S. brands not selling on Amazon.
  • Some categories, like health and personal care, are ineligible.
Amazon connected TV

Between the lines. Amazon’s first-party shopping and streaming data allows for precise targeting, potentially increasing ad effectiveness.

Exceptions. Brands must review Amazon’s guidelines and acceptance policies before launching campaigns, as certain product categories are restricted.

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The big picture. This expansion reflects Amazon’s growing influence in digital advertising, challenging traditional TV ad models.

What to watch. How UK brands adapt to this new advertising avenue and whether it will impact their overall marketing strategies.