Webinar: Beyond silos – data collaboration strategies for marketing success by Lotame

This year will be a transformative year for digital marketers, as the cookie finally makes its long-anticipated exit. First-party data is center stage as marketers look for fresh opportunities to preserve addressability and scale. Register today for an immersive virtual fireside, “Beyond Silos: Data Collaboration Strategies for Marketing Success where you’ll hear from two Lotame clients Advance Local, award-winning journalism and media company, and real-estate company, RE/MAX. They’ll share their data collaboration journey with emphasis on:

  • Connectivity: Successfully reaching both logged-in and web visitors.
  • Analytics: Fine-tuning media placements for optimal performance.
  • Budget Preservation: Effectively reducing media waste through strategic data collaboration.

Data collaboration goes beyond executing overlap analysis. We’ll also delve into strategies for maximizing first-party data generation and activation beyond just your known customers.
Prepare to gain invaluable insights that will redefine your approach to digital marketing in 2024 and beyond.

Speakers include:

  • Josh Culver, executive director of integrated marketing, RE/MAX
  • Grant Whitmore, vice president, programmatic revenue and ad technology, Advance Local
  • Alexandra Theriault, chief growth officer, Lotame
  • Andy Monfried, CEO and founder, Lotame

Join us on Wednesday, February 21 at 11 a.m. EST for the live webinar or access the recording following the event. If your time zone is not compatible, register anyway to automatically receive the recording!