Apple buys domain suggesting generative AI additions may come to iWork

Apple owns hundreds of website domains but now it's added "," which could indicate that it has plans to highlight AI features in its applications suite.

Mockup of an
Mockup of an "iWork.AI" logo, based on Apple's iWork '09 launch

Apple tends to refer to its Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications by those individual names, but it occasionally still refers to them collectively as iWork. It comes from when Apple sold the three in a boxed set, alongside the iLife collection which had iMovie, GarageBand and so on.

The last bundled version of the suite of apps was in 2009 when Apple released iWork'09, and also launched The latter was an attempt to add collaboration to the apps, but the site is no longer active.

Rumor Score: 🙄 Unlikely

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