Bluetti AC240 portable power station pushes the boundaries with IP65 waterproof rating

Rugged outdoor adventures require tough equipment capable of shrugging off the elements and providing reliability when the weather turns. Bluetti's done just that with the new AC240 weatherproof portable power station, available now with an early bird discount.

Bluetti AC240 portable weatherproof generator surrounded by splashing water and mud with promotional text and pricing on a dark background.The new Bluetti AC240 portable power station launched on April 2.

Bluetti is building upon the lessons learned from the classic weatherproof AC60 with its new AC240, by adding in must-have features, like faster charging and increased battery capacity. Not to mention, the AC240 sports an all-weather IP65 rating, perfect for anyone working, adventuring, or rescuing.

Outdoor enthusiasts know that exploring mountain forests, catching the night's dinner on the lake, or setting up camp at the cabin can bring sudden changes in the weather. One moment everything is dry; the next, there's a new river cutting across the campsite.

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