England’s poshest school Eton bans iPhones but provides iPads

Eton College is responsible for some of Britain's most famous politicians, and now it wants to make sure future UK technology leaders are denied iPhones.

Historic brick and stone buildings with tall towers and spires, surrounded by green lawns and trees, under a partly cloudy sky.
Eton College (Source: Kazimierz Mendlik, Wiki Commons)

During its 14 years in power, the UK's Conservative Party had such a strong grip on technology that it demanded Apple add security features it already had. When he was Prime Minister, Boris Johnson claimed that no country in the world had got Apple and Google's COVID app to work, while the rest of Europe carried on with their successful ones.

Johnson was educated at Eton, as were 19 other former UK prime ministers. It's a boarding school for boys — never girls — aged 13 and up, and currently costs around $21,330 per term, or $63,990 per year to attend.

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