After deepfakes go viral, AI image generator Midjourney stops free trials citing ‘abuse’

An AI generated image of Donald Trump being arrested, with an overlay that says “AI-generated fake image.”
Midjourney’s software can be used to create misinformation, like fake images of Donald Trump being arrested. | Image: Will Joel / The Verge

AI image generator Midjourney has halted free trials of its service after a number of its generations — including fabricated images of Donald Trump being arrested and the pope wearing a stylish jacket — went viral online, with many mistaking the fakes for real photographs.…

Huge Microsoft exploit allowed users to manipulate Bing search results and access Outlook email accounts

A cartoon illustration shows a shadowy figure carrying off a red directory folder, which has a surprised-looking face on its side.
Microsoft has since patched the “BingBang” exploit and made changes to reduce similar vulnerabilities from occurring. | Illustration: Beatrice Sala

A dangerous vulnerability was detected in Microsoft’s Bing search engine earlier this year that allowed users to alter search results and access other Bing users’ private information from the likes of Teams, Outlook, and Office 365.…